Pure Solutions has the expertise to design applications and sites that work – giving your users an experience that is quick, simple and engaging.

 UX & Interaction Design
Our clients rely on our specialist expertise to enhance and grow the UX and UI of their web platforms and applications.

Whether its an in-house application for talent management or the online shopping portal that your business relies on for profit, a well-designed application will attract more users.

  • Pure Solutions’ User Experience (UX) Design draws on extensive customer research – We design your site or app around your target audience.

    • A well designed UX will reduce your development time and costs by prototyping and user testing early in the design cycle.
    • How the information is structured and the foundations for your platform are determined by the UX design - cutting down on costly redesign and ensuring that you have the features you need from the outset.
    • A well-designed UX keeps your customers engaged with your site – it makes it easier to find what they need and facilitates the payment process – great for generating sales.
    • Your employees are more likely to complete surveys and use talent management tools with a great UX, driving higher participation, and providing you with deeper insight.
    • Thoughtful UX design draws in your target audience – engaging them for longer and making it easy for them to navigate your site or application.
    • A pleasant UX is a shared UX – your users are more likely to promote you site to friends and colleagues and over social media if they’re enjoying using it themselves.
  • A Pure Solutions User Interface (UI) Design is all about creating interfaces that make it fun, easy and aesthetically pleasing for your users to interact with your app or site.

    • Your site or app will be consistent with your company brand guidelines and instantly recognizable to your customers and staff.
    • We take care to design and test all interaction points – providing consistency, usability and reliability.
    • Our intuitive interaction design will also guide your users by offering suggestions for accessing related content or recommending complimentary or similar products for purchase.
    • The information design – or architecture - is carefully constructed making it simple for your users to find the information, features or products they are looking for.

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